Error Proofing Firsts Mark Our Contributions to Industry. 

The interchangeable heads for torque wrenches we patented in 1956 created efficiencies in production earning Open End one Piece Cast Interchangeable head for torque wrenchesour customers' countless profits.


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One Head Is Better Than Two 720p


The torque limiting clutch we patented is still the basis for torque screwdrivers and many power tools manufactured today.    

The deflecting beam wrench that Walter P. Chrysler pioneered is alive and well in our digital torque wrench. 


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Exacta 2 Testing Video


Our commitment to accuracy in torque measurement created the first power tool tester. That tester captured the inertial element so crucial in power tool testing.  


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Durability In Our DNA



We were the first American company to use the microprocessor in torque tool calibration equipment. 

We are the only company that wirelessly connects mechanical click, digital, and pneumatic tool verification to one process control/monitor.



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GIM 400  JAN 16   V1.2


Please see our torque-based knowledge on Error Proofing. 


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Error Proofing By Design Click Wrench

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