Torque Management Concepts

This section addresses issues related to the management of torque application in an industrial setting. We created this section to provide information that you need to increase your understanding of issues that affect the quality and productivity of your operation. The core of this section is managerial and technical concepts as applied to torque management, torque tools, and torque application.

If you are responsible for the quality of any operation involving error-proofing in torque applications and specifications you are in the right place. Whether you are determining torque specifications, defining uncertainties, or engaged in ergonomics, this is the web section of the site that helps you make the best decisions.

The links below are to pages or papers that provide sound and reliable data, accompanied by an analysis that helps convert it from data to useful information.

Data-Driven Torque Wrench Calibration Frequency

This paper discusses the means by which calibration Click wrenchintervals can be moved from the realm of guessing and custom (“We’ve always done it that way.”) to the realm of the rational. It offers multiple approaches that address the frequency of calibration for the testers as well as the tools. Operating efficiency and cost management are focused on as they bear on this issue.

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Technical and Operational Considerations in Torque Tester Selection

This paper covers how torque tool accuracy, torque tool range(s), tool Digital Torque Tester Selectioncapacities, productivity, and other factors should be addressed in selecting the best torque tester and supporting equipment for your operation. Such items as the financial “breakpoint” for single versus multi-transducer torque testers, the roles of software, documentation, and certification in the decision are addressed.

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Case Study: Hydraulic Couplings

Hydraulic connections solutions with Torque toolsAn equipment manufacturer experienced increased rework cost from torque-related issues with hydraulic couplings. Warranty claims were typically filed in the first 80 hours of equipment usage.

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