VKS - Visual Knowledge Share Ltd.

In today's sophisticated world of mixed model assembly, balancing high throughput along with levels of customization isn't always easy. With paper assembly instructions, operators can spend more time turning pages than turning wrenches. Today, paper instructions are a competitive disadvantage. 

 Global 400 turn wrenches not pages

A robust MES makes a world of difference and that is half the battle. The other half is in the tools with which that MES can interface. Sturtevant Richmont wireless error proofing solutions seamlessly integrate with the VKS MES

Wireless Error Proofing Systems That Readily Integrate With VKS

VKSapp readily integrates with SR Torque Tools


All of the Sturtevant Richmont wireless error proofing systems readily integrate with VKS. That means you have a world of options for handling any torque related assembly challenge. 

Need fast and simply OK/NOK validation with minimal reporting? Our SLTC FM 2.4 GHz preset click wrenches pair with our TCV, the PTV, Global 8, Global 400 and the Global 400mp

Need torque values included in the reporting? Our Exacta 1100 and 1200 Series digital torque wrenches provide accurate and reliable performance and they are the most durable digital torque wrenches on the market. The 1100 Series Exacta digital torque wrenches pair with our Global 8. The 1200 Series Exacta wrenches pair with the Global 400 and Global 400mp

Did you need the error proofing sophistication of torque and angle in your application? Our 1250 Series Exacta digital torque an angle wrenches provide all the accuracy and ease of use you can expect from a digital torque wrench. Unlike other brands of torque and angle wrenches that can easily break when dropped, our 1250 Series can take the toughest assignments and still be up to the task. 

If you have hydraulics as part of your assembly you have a very specialized set of challenges. The Sturtevant Richmont Holding Tool Technology Wrenches are designed to help minimize hydraulic hose twist during installation. Why is that important? Studies show that even a five-degree hose twist can reduce useful hose life by up to 70%. A seven-degree hose twist can reduce useful hose life by up to 90%. 

Hydraulic connectors often have multiple fasteners that must have the proper torque application. Tightening subsequent fasteners in a connection can impact previously tightened fastener. A previously tightened compliant fastener can sometimes be taken out of compliance as other fasteners are tightened. The Holding Tool Technology Wrenches do more than just hold the previously tightened fasteners to keep them compliant. This wrench is radio equipped and must be engaged on the fastener prior to torque application, during torque application and must remain engaged until the fastener being tightened is compliant and both the wrench and the Global 400/400mp have cleared the data from the fastening. Only then is the fastening judged fully compliant and the Holding Wrench can be removed. 

Why is that important? Now you can document everything that was done. You can even provide a "birth certificate" for your assembly with complete documentation for every fastener. 

VKS is a robust MES. You need tools that can take advantage of all that VKS has to offer. 

If you are considering an MES, VKS may be your solution. If you haven't seen their system at work, visit their website: https://www.vksapp.com