Sturtevant Richmont Torque Transducers

From the very beginning the tools we have manufactured and sold have been designed to mitigate human influence on torque application. 

Sturtevant Richmont torque transducers are also built to mitigate human influence on torque testing and calibration. The engineering and design are the keys to ensuring the most accurate torque tool calibration. 

What Makes SR Torque Transducers So Different?

Human influence that changes torque application comes in a number of forms. One of the most common human influences is called "side-loading."

Correct torque technique pulls the tool at exactly 90 degrees to the fastener. Any upward or downward pressure during that application or changes the actual torque output at the fastener.  In the cal lab the results are the same. That change in application technique changes the output at the transducer. 

To eliminate side loading Sturtevant Richmont has approached the issue from two sides. First, the torque wrenches are built with a flattened case shaft. That flattened case is significantly harder to side load.  

We realize that not all wrenches being tested on our equipment are built with a flattened case. We built our transducers with added stabilization to ensure no side loading. The smaller transducers have a cruciform support. The larger transducers have a ball bearing ring around the transducer to ensure that force is only applied at a 90 degree angle. 

In building the new System 8 we have kept some of the System 4/5 transducers where it made sense. We also added new transducers that will only work with the System 8. 

If you have a System 4/5 we have a complete line of transducers for you. Some of the names may have changed, but the range, functionality, foot print, accuracy, and durability are the same.

Here is a chart of transducers that work with the System 4/5. Buying one of these transducers ensures you have the right fit. 

                                                    Recommended Torque Range

 Part No. Model Designation Inch Ounces Inch Pounds cNm   kgf cm Drive
10009 TT-25 IO  2.5-25 .16-1.6 1.77-17.7 .18-1.8

 1/4" Male Hex

10011  TT-100 IO   10-100 .625-6.25 7.0-70.6  .72-7.2  1/4" Male Hex 
10012 TT-250 IO  25-250   1.6-15.6  17.7-177 1.8-18  1/4" Male Hex 
10013  TT-400 IO  40-400  2.5-25   28-280 2.9-29  1/4" Male Hex 


                                                    Recommended Torque Range

Part No. Model Designation Inch Pounds 

Foot Pounds

Nm kgfcm Drive
10014 TT-50I 5-50   .56-5.6 6-60 1/4" Male Hex
10015 TT-100I 10-100   1.2-12 11.5-115 1/4" Male Hex
10016 TT-300I 30-300 2.5-25 3.4-34 34.5-345 1/4" Male Hex


                                                        Recommended Torque Range

Part No. Model Designation Inch Pounds Foot Pounds Nm kgfcm Drive
10017 TT-150 180-1800 15-150 20-200 210-2100 1/4" F SQ
10018 TT-250 300-3000 25-250 34-340 350-3500 1/4" F SQ
10019 TT-500 600-6000 50-500 67.5-675 700-7000 1/4" F SQ


                                                     Recommended Torque Range

Part No. Model Designation Inch Pounds Foot Pounds Nm kgfcm Drive
10026 TT-1000 1200-12K 100-1000 135-1355 14-140 1" F SQ
10027 TT-2000   200-2000 280-2800 28-280 1" F SQ




Sturtevant Richmont tools are proudly made by highly capable and dedicated hands.