System 4/5

In 1992 we introduced System 4/5. That digital torque tester was tagged with several firsts. System 4/5 was the first torque tester that offered immediate range recognition for all transducers that were connected to the System. It was also the first digital torque tester from an American company that used microprocessor technology in the calculations. 

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System 8 digital torque testerNeed to buy a new torque tester? Click on the image of the new System 8 to see how this torque tester will help. 

Most of the System 4/5 units that were purchased are still in the field, in regular use. We continue to support them with calibration and repairs. Electronic components can fail with age. These testers have now been out in the field for nearly three decades. Some important replacement parts are no longer available and we have depleted our inventory of these critical parts. As a result, System 4/5 testers need replacement. 


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