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Not ALL Torque Screwdrivers Are As Accurate As Ours

Most calibration labs test a torque screwdriver on the tester just as it is. Using a screwdriver of any type requires “thrust force” to keep the bit in the screw slot.

Image of Sturtevant Richmont Wireless Torque Systems

Wireless Torque Systems

Our wireless torque systems use tools and electrical or electronic components that communicate with the operator and assembly line controls. System capabilities range from simple operator support through complex Ethernet guidance, support and control.

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Image of Sturtevant Richmont Direct Read Torque Wrenches

Manual Torque Tools

When the worlds best engineers need preset, adjustable, or indicating torque tools they can trust they come here. You’ll find manual torque screwdrivers, click wrenches, beam wrenches, dial wrenches with just a click. Accuracy. Reliability. Durability.

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Image of Sturtevant Richmont Torque Testers and Calibration Equipment

Torque Testers and Calibration Equipment

Find the products that make your SR tools, systems, and testers even more versatile, productive and cost-effective here. Take a look around - sometimes the smallest items make the biggest differences!

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Image of Sturtevant Richmont Mechanical Loader

Specialty and Support Products

Extend the reach and capability of your SR tools! From interchangeable heads to tool extensions and more, find a variety of specialty and support products here.

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Wireless Tools Group

Hand Tools Are a Viable Alternative to DC Tools

When DC tools can't access every threaded fastener, hand tools come into the picture. How do you guide workers, manage hand tools, control the assembly sequence and get the data you need from hand tools?









New Product Announcements
Micrometer Adjustable Wrenches

We now have the ergonomic Knurl Grip Handle. Helps you get a real grasp on torque!
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Announcing the new A3 Battery/Radio Board

Longer battery life, faster battery change, and more.

Now you CAN have it both ways!

Coming Soon: the new BLT bi-directional click wrench.
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SR Releases New Videos

We are constantly releasing new videos about torque products and techniques. We host them here on our site and we also have the Newton Metre channel on YouTube that holds our video library.

The ONE Thing You Need To Know About Torque Testing Transducers
Human influence has an impact of torque application and torque tool calibration. Tool design and the correct techniques help minimize the effect that humans have on the process.

History of Torque Tools
The history of the torque wrench is the history of Sturtevant Richmont. In 1924 when Walter P. Chrysler licensed Paul Sturtevant to manufacture and sell Chrysler’s invention, the torque wrench, error proofing and the torque tool industry were born. Trace the development of different tools in this video.
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Torque ToolBox / FAQs

Torque Value Conversion

English, Metric, SI – it can all be confusing sometimes, especially when converting from one unit of measure to another. Our metric value conversion app helps you make the change quickly and easily. More importantly it helps you make the change accurately.

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Torque Management Articles

We are constantly publishing new articles about torque tools and issues. Even though we’ve been at this for more than 70 years, we learn something new everyday. We are happy to share that with you.

Can I Get a Witness?
Some fasteners are so critical to an assembly that supervisors are required to watch the work being done and then both the worker and the “witness” sign off that the work was done to specification. Rather than a human, what if your torque tool could perform that function, be more accurate, and provide you with accurate report data?
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Case Study: Hydraulic Couplings
Hydraulic couplings are a critical piece in keeping the hydraulic fluid inside the hoses and moving the parts. When there is a hydraulic fluid leak the expenses are high. Even worse, many of these couplings are deep within a piece of equipment. That means additional disassembly and reassembly of products. Learn how to prevent these expensive errors.
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